Every property is unique to someone.  At Unique Places Real Estate (UPRE), we understand the value and importance of place.  Our goal is to ensure our clients obtain valuable assets or realize an increase in value from their real estate assets.  Similar to other brokerages, UPRE works to assist with the purchase and sale of real estate.  Where we differ is our ability to discover value and opportunities beyond typical brokerage services.   We are a full service real estate consulting firm.  Our four points of service reflect our comprehensive approach to real estate:

  • BUY - Purchasing a real estate asset is a major financial investment. Buyers should have the best information and representation available in order to maximize their investment. UPRE can assist you with real estate planning, locating property, negotiating price and terms, due diligence and much more.

  • SELL - UPRE understands that selling real estate assets quickly and at the highest possible price are the primary goals for most sellers. We will work with you to effectively market and feature your property to prospective buyers using established networks and the latest web, print, social media and MLS technologies.

  • INVEST - Our investment strategies are centered around a core vision for identifying real estate investment opportunities with potential for significant capital appreciation through land entitlement, development/re-development, and community design.

  • CONSULT - UPRE is different from most other real estate service providers in that we offer real estate consulting services beyond brokerage and investment. From land and resource conservation to management plans and estate planning, we have the experience you need for making key decisions about your real estate assets.